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A Unique & Fun Laughter Event

Are you looking for a professional comedy show or entertainment in Los Angeles? With an unbeatable sense of humor, rapid fire quick wit, and club-tested, ever-e... Read more

What You Get

I Host the shows and bring anywhere from 1- 4 Comedians with me. The cost varies depending on location, length of show, number of Comedians... AND... if any of ... Read more

My Comedy Shows

I deliver an interactive, 1 or 2 hours comedy show at your residence, place of business, or any other location. I work with seasoned, veteran, consummate profes... Read more

People Who Laughed The Most

Julian Godoy

I cant stop laughing about the jokes, really good comedians on my birthday. My guests loved it! XD

a year ago
Walter Mondragon

I laughed the entire show, house of calls of comedy was the best option for my business party.

a year ago


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